Original Quilted Pineapple 1/4 inch Curve template set

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-For use with a longarm and/or sit-down/domestic machine.

-1/4″ thick acrylic templates for creating curved quilt designs.

-The set contains my 6 go-to sizes. Everything I would ever need for endless design possibilities.

-Each template has the same degree curve on the inside curve as well as the outside curve. This allows for easy quilting and avoids the awkward reach while quilting out designs. Just flip the template over as needed.

-Easy to read lines with accurate 1/4″ spacing echoing the curve.

-Green edge acrylic increases their visibility on your quilt top.

-#10 Curve is my new favorite! Gives a more dramatic curve, similar to a circle with the convenience and ease of curve template. Great for borders to create a swag or banner design.

-The smallest template is called the “BFF” because that is exactly what it becomes. Perfect size to fit and easily handle for all your continuous curve needs. Lines stay consistent. Also, perfect for larger quilt spaces, where freehand becomes more difficult.

-Set includes:
#20 QP Curve 
#15 QP Curve 
#12 QP Curve
#10 QP Curve 
#8 QP Curve 



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