Arabesque Arches Template

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The Arabesque Arches template is approximately 7″x 3″, and fits comfortably within any user’s hand. It is designed to effortlessly create smooth curving frames. Because the curves have both a concave and convex curve, there naturally be a smooth transition as you cross the inflection point – something that you cannot easily achieve when quilting these shapes with two circle templates.

The Arches template has different curves on each side of the template, labeled “A” & “B”. The template also has an etched 1/4″ echo lines to enable creating both 1/4″ and 1/2″ thick frames. The “B” curve can create a frame as large as 16″x 16″ (or ~18″x 18″ on point), while the “A” curve creates a frame more suited for a 12″ space.


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